Little Known Facts About handcuffs.

that will help or help. I'm constantly all set to give/lend a assisting hand. support يُساعِد، يَمُد يَدَ المُساعَدَه помагам dar uma mão podat pomocnou ruku helfen give en hjælpende hånd τείνω χείρα βοηθείας echar una mano abistavat kätt ulatama كمك كردن auttaa donner un coup de most important לַעֲזוֹר ל- सहायता करना pomoci, priskociti u pomoc segítséget nyújt memuji rétta hjálparhönd, aðstoða dare una mano 手助けする 도와주다 ištiesti pagalbos ranką palīdzēt membantu een handje helpen gi en hjelpende håndpomagać مړسته کول dar a mão a da o mână de ajutor помогать podať pomocnú ruku pomagati pomoći ge ngn en hjälpande hand, ge ngn ett handtag ช่วยเหลือ propertyım etmek 幫忙,協助 надати допомоги مدد کرنا giúp đỡ 帮助

Since handcuffs are only intended as short term restraints, they aren't one of the most intricate of locks.[four] That is why escaping from handcuffs is a common stunt executed by magicians or competent criminals, Most likely most famously Harry Houdini.

two. not by article but by a messenger etc. This parcel was sent by hand. for each hand, per bode باليَد، يدويّا по пратеник em mãos poslem, osobně durch Boten bragt χέρι με χέρι en mano käest kätte بصورت دستي kuriirin toimesta par porteur בַּיָד संदेशवाहक द्वारा dostavljen po nekome kézbesített (levél) melalui pesuruh með sendiboða a mano 手渡しで 인편으로 for each pasiuntinį [] ar kurjeru oleh seseorang met een bode egenhendig, personlig, med bud przez posłańca د لاس په صورت em mão própria printr-un comisionar с нарочным (doručený) poslom ročno ručno med bud โดยผู้ถือหนังสือ elden 由專人 з посланцем ڈاک سے نہیں بلکہ کسی کے ہاتھوں ارسال کیا گیا trực tiếp 由专人

.. disponibel, til overs/rådighet w ręku, w zapasie موجود em mão disponibil в наличии v zásobe na razpolago na raspolaganju kvar, i kassan คงอยู่ elde mevcut, hazır 現有,手頭上 в руках بقیہ còn 现有,在手头

Over a everyday foundation most detainees are compliant and making use of restraints is really a straight forward procedure. But even the best of us have struggled to apply compliant restraints if our kit is weakened or of very poor top quality.

2. out there. Help is at hand. byderhand في مُتناول اليد، مُتَوَفِّر на разположение próximo na dosah bei der Hand til rådighed κοντά, διαθέσιμοςa mano käepärast در دسترس؛ آماده saatavilla disponibleליד उपलब्ध dostupan kéznél tersedia nærtækur, við höndina a portata di mano 手近に 사용할 수 있는 ranka pasiekiamas pie rokas; tuvumā boleh didapati op handen for hånden, til rådighet pod ręką په كار راتلونكى، لاس ته راتلونكى، لاس وررسېدونكى، لاس پرې برېدونكى próximo la îndemână; disponibil имеющийся в распоряжении na dosah pri roki pri ruci until hands ใกล้ hazır 隨手可得 напохваті موجود sẵn có 在手边,可利用的

It can be done from the standing position, in which, with some degree of effort, the handcuffed hands are slid around the hips and down the buttocks towards the feet; then sliding Each individual foot up and in excess of the cuffs. These maneuvers, along with the reverse (if not extremely hard) maneuver of bringing the handcuffed fingers up powering the again and forwards around The top then down in entrance, can be done fairly conveniently by some people who were being born with out collarbones due to the inherited deformity known as cleidocranial dysostosis.

hand-operated switches. hand- مُشَغَّل باليَد ръчно управляван handbook ručně ovládaný handbetrieben håndbetjent; manuel χειροκίνητοςguide käsitsi juhitav دستی käsikäyttöinen actionné à la primary מוּפעַל יָדַנִית हस्तचालित kojim se rucno upravlja kézi kapcsolású dijalankan dengan tangan handstÿrður; handvirkur azionato a mano 手動の 수동식의 rankinio valdymo ar roku vadāms/darbināms kendalian tangan handgedreven manuell, håndbetjent ręcznie obsługiwany/sterowany لاسی manual manual управляемый вручную ručne ovládaný ročno upravljan kojim se ručno upravlja manuell[t skött] ซึ่งใช้มือ elle çalıştırılan 手動的 з ручним приводом ہاتھ سے چلایا جانے والا điều khiển bằng tay 手动的

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the act of greedy (anyone's) hand eg being a greeting. handdruk مُصافَحَة باليَد ръкостискане aperto de mão podání ruky der Händedruck håndtryk χειραψίαapretón de mano käepigistus عمل دست دادن kättely poignée de major לְחִיצַת יָד एक दूसरे से हाथ मिलाना rukovanje kézfogás jabat tangan handaband stretta di mano 握手 악수 rankos paspaudimas rokasspiediens jabat tangan handenschudden håndtrykk uścisk dłoni لاس ورکول aperto de mão strângere de mână рукопожатие podanie ruky rokovanje rukovanje handslag การจับมือกับคนอื่นเพื่อทักทายหรือบอกลา el sıkışma 握手 рукостискання مصافحہ cái bắt tay 握手

After they had ridden a few mile, Haley all of a sudden drew up with the door of the blacksmith's shop, when, taking out with him a set of handcuffs, he stepped in to the store, to have a very little alteration in them.

For added safety, some transport restraints Use a pair of leg irons linked to a pair of handcuffs or even a belly chain by a longer connector chain. These mixtures further limit the detainee’s independence of movement new products and prevent him from working and escape. Protection

one. just as much as is often held in one hand. A few sweets. hand vol حَفْنَه шепа mão cheia hrst die Handvoll håndfuld χούφταpuñado peotäis يك مشت پر kourallinen poignéeחופן मुट्ठी भर (puna) šaka necega (tele) maréknyi merepotkan handfylli manciata, pugno ひとつかみ 한 움큼 sauja riekšava; sauja segenggam handvolhåndfull, nevegarść لپه ، يوموټ mancheia o mână de пригоршня hrsť peščica puna šaka näve หนึ่งกำมือ avuç 一把 пригорща, жменя جتنا ہاتھ میں سما سکے một nắm 一把

Like a verb, intending to be saved from performing a thing by another's action or inaction – "He said that his Pc operate is handcuffed by his Online supplier's refusal to accept .zip documents."

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